Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Welcome to NOVA!

We are pleased that you are interested in attending NOVA. We look forward to working with you. This website is designed to help you with the admissions process here at the college. There is already much information about the process on the NOVA website but we wanted to have an additional space where you can ask questions and comment about the NOVA admissions process, and we can post important updates.

The information on the blog is organized by entries with the most recent at the top. At the end of each entry is a line with the word Comment on it so you can make comments or ask questions about the admissions process.

If you want to leave a comment or ask a question, go to the end of this posted entry and click on Comments. You can then write your comment or question. Next, click on the Publish Your Comment button. Your comment or question will appear in the Comments area. We will respond.